Let me be very frank.

If your “business” isn’t making any sales, you don’t have a business: you have a hobby. And while everyone needs a hobby, it doesn’t pay the bills.

photo-1424298397478-4bd87a6a0f0cIf I had to guess, you likely went into this business because you saw a need in the market, you want to help others succeed in business, or you decided to go after your passion. Understandably, you aren’t going to know how to best sell your services right out of the gate…it takes a bit of practice. But if you want your business to actually be a business, you have to learn a few prospecting and lead generation strategies. It’s essential.

The whole point of selling is to convince people that what you have to offer will benefit them and their business. And while there isn’t one true method to sales (since every customer is a little different and should be approached differently), there are some basics that you need to master.

So, let me tell you a few secrets.

Get personal.

If you want to generate a lead, you have to generate a relationship. When it comes down to it, YOU are the face of your business. If you’re trying to get someone to buy what you’re selling, add a bit of personal flare to your sales pitch. You are a living representation of your company and your company’s values, so remember that when you are prospecting. After all, you’re trying to do business with a person who is also a living representation of their company and their company’s values. Don’t get so caught up in trying to land the sale that you ignore the personal aspects of it. You’re doing business with the person, not the sale.

Be attentive.

photo-1453838956707-38a7aa3cd62dGoing back to our target market discussion: are you actually aware of what your customers want and need? Did you ask? If you did ask, did you listen to the answer?

Customers will tell you what they want or need. So, before you draw up a marketing plan or proposal, before you start counting all of those hypothetical dollars in your hypothetical bank, consider letting customer needs dictate how you generate leads.

No one wants to feel like they aren’t being heard. Once you’ve done your research and asked questions, let your customers know that you were actually listening. Repeat their answers. Let them know that their need will be met. Don’t assume they automatically know that you heard them.

Inform your customer base.

What are you company values and objectives? Do your customers know?

Well, they should.

Tell them what you’re passionate about, why you are in the business you’re in, and how the services you offer are the best option for them. Do you have something that sets you apart from similar companies? Do you approach their wants and needs in a new, fresh way? What value do you bring to the table?

Let me be clear: if a client doesn’t think your services are valuable, they will not do business with you. And why would they? It would be a waste of time and money to invest in something that won’t ultimately let them reap the benefits. So show them why you’re a valuable asset for them; you won’t land a sale if you don’t.

Honesty is the best policy.

Don’t promise unrealistic deliverables just to land a sale. That’s a surefire way to lose old customers and never land a new one. Be sure that your customers know what they get when they shell out that money to you. If they are even slightly business-minded, they’re not going to hand over stacks of cash without knowing exactly what they are in for.

Upsell yourself.

photo-1459257831348-f0cdd359235fNow this may be super uncomfortable for some of you. But if you’ve already landed a sale, you’ve done half the work of upselling. Your customer already saw something in your company that they thought was worth investing in, so who is to say they wouldn’t be interested in continuing the business relationship?

One of the best ways I’ve found to upsell is through a business relationship built on honesty. In short, if the customer doesn’t trust you, they won’t continue to buy from you. Makes sense, right? If you show them that you have their best interest in mind, they will be far more willing to work something out with you.

Getting the hang of sales takes a bit of finesse, so don’t take it too personally if you don’t land the first sale you go after. Tailor your selling style to your personality and your business, but make sure to follow these 5 basic pointers to really make a killer sale. Your wallet will thank you later.